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Ruggedized Modular Operations Solutions - Specifically engineered to easily handle a wide variety of climates, and the harsh task of deployment around the world.


Cross Domain Strategic Operational Solution - Providing single terminal support across multiple independent networks. Also providing real-time thin client computing, smart card access control, ease of integration into fixed or mobile command and control. Working on reduced power and personnel.


MEED Homes

Manufactured Energy-Efficient Dwellings - Providing green solutions for your dream home.



The Lightweight Soldier Gateway (LWSG) is a cell phone sized device that is specifically designed as an accessory to the ubiquitous PRC- 117G voice and data radio found in today’s operational units. Its small size, low weight  and ruggedness, along with the very low power consumption are designed  to add almost no extra load to the dismounted soldier while providing  a sophisticated cross banding solution to tactical communications.

LWSG Brochure


RMOS units are constructed from ISO shipping containers which means they were built for arduous long distance shipping.  We added to the mix mostly metal interiors that are resistant to fire, deterioration and infestation.  That means easier inspections by port authorities when sending these units outside of the United States.

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The FSO is a com- pact Video System that Records in HD and streams video to many external devices. When properly configured, it can be used for post incident and training review or as a live training aid from a remote location.

It sends email to incoming units, showing them a visual scene “size up” and allows the Officer of incoming units to more effectively assign assets and deploy equipment.


FSO Brochure


The Antenna Mount Offest (AMO) allows placement of radio antennas to the side of the HMMWV.  This mounting arrangement protects the two rear whip antennas and the fiberglass shell from damage due to mutual impact.  In addition, the mounts aid in easy opening of the rear door and better access to devices mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

The  PVIS1800 was designed for recreational and industrial applications. Expect the best performances from televisions, audio systems, speed tools, and any other electronics where you want nothing but the most optimal performance.

Situational Awareness Recording System (SARS)-Lite is a branch off of our existing SARS Product line. We have re-designed and engineered our existing product stand alone transit case solutions. Our forward approach in size and applications has reduced our original product down to the size of a large shoe box.

PKMM’s Tru Capacity provides squads in the field with a small, light-weight , rugged and inexpensive device that allows soldiers to use their current radio batteries (BA-5590 family) as a power source. PKMM’s Tru Capacity can recharge up to 4 handheld devices. With up to 5 amps of recharging power it can quickly recharge phones, tablets and many other handheld devices.

The Universal Power Supply (UPS) Transit Case Assembly is an Uninterruptible Power Supply, designed to supply backup power for various electronic devices during unstable power conditions. The UPS Transit Case Assembly is portable,  heavy duty, and housed in a rugged metal transit case. It can be mounted on a shelf base with locking fasteners and has military style connections for input and output power as well as duplex AC outlets. The UPS transit case offers all that is need for reliable on-the-move power supply.

The new  Lightweight Situational Awareness Recording System (LW SARS) is lightweight, content rich situational awareness recording system. Providing for complete surveillance and on-board same content digital recording while allowing for live feed common operational picture (COP), video capture, video motion tracking, motion detection and intelligent video and screen analysis.

All of our mobile solutions are created using one layout that expands for each additional room, from one to three bedrooms.  The overall design provides for functionality.  a Uniform Federal  Accessibility Standard (UFAS) compliant version of all models are available.

The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a power branching device housed in a rugged metal enclosure. It has a hinged front cover, booted breakers and a recessed, weather resistant, tie-post design that allows easy distribution for multiple devices while retaining an important level of personal and equipment safety.

PKMM’s remediation team provides proprietary chemical oxidants for remedial projects at various types of contaminated sites. We pride ourselves on performance and thus are more involved than other chemical suppliers with the design process.  PKMM offers treatment possibilities competitors physically can’t, which lead to efficiency.


PKMM Incorporated has teamed with EN Rx to offer you the best remediation technology, combined with the most advanced decontamination methods in the industry.



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