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> Mobile Energy Efficient Dwellings (MEED)


From the rugged chassis to the proven structural insulated panels (SIP), we provide an innovative & industry-changing product.  Structural  integrity & surpassed chemical emission  requirements are only the start of its outstanding features.  The roof is also constructed with SIP panels, creating no dead air space within the attic cavity.  We use steel frames to increase structural strength rather than wood.  In addition, the  structural insulated panels are stronger than  traditional walls, providing a home that can    withstand extremely high winds. Our design reduces framing costs when compared to  non-structural gypsum-based materials. All of our mobile solutions are created using one layout that expands for each additional room, from one to three bedrooms.  The overall design provides for functionality.  a Uniform Federal  Accessibility Standard (UFAS) compliant version of all models are available. For over 20 years, PKMM Inc. takes pride in  building quality products.  We proudly present our new line of manufactured homes, highlighting a variety of benefits to potential home owners.


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