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> Antenna Mount Offset


These rugged brackets allow placement of radio antennas to the side of the HMMWV. This mounting arrangement protects the two rear whip antennas and the fiberglass shell from damage due to mutual impact. In addition, the mounts aid in easy opening of the rear door and better access to devices mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Each offset bracket is identical and is capable of being mounted on either the left or right side of the HMWWV. This design alleviates the need to stock and track two separate items. The offset brackets are made of strong .125 Aluminum Alloy. Their superior design provides rigid durability in all weather conditions. Our offset brackets are specifically designed to use the support points of the existing antenna brackets. This eliminates the need for drilling into sensitive areas of the HMMWV, where other devices are located. In addition to fabricating the offset brackets, PKMM also provides expert installation.


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