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> FAAD C2 Avenger Upgrade Kit


The FAAD C2 Avenger Upgrade Kit, manufactured by PKMM Incorporated, replaced the existing Handheld Terminal Unit (HTU) with the Forward Area Control Terminal (FACT).  To accomplish the change, a new GPS antenna and mount were installed in the windshield area of the Avenger HMMWV; the new FACT computer mount and GPS were installed in the Avenger and the associated power and antenna cables were routed through the vehicle.  To facilitate the effort, PKMM provided the mounts, cables and the kitting effort.


The Forward Area Control Terminal (FACT), is used in FAAD C2 to provide SHORAD commanders real-time targeting information, weapons system position and command-and-control information in the maneuver area.  The SHORAD community will use the FACT in the Avenger Slew-To-Cue (STC) Weapon System in two positions the Targeting Console (TC) and the Crew Chief Air Situation Display (CCASD) in the newest and most effective Avenger Slew-to-Cue (STC). These terminals provide weapons system commanders the ability to prioritize and select targets while monitoring weapons system status. The FAAD C2 information even provides Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) in all weather conditions to ensure weapons commanders are ready to engage

their targets.





1. FACT with mount (GFE unit).

2. FACT Mount Assembly, T1-00237D

    or Modified HTU Mount Assembly, T1-00236D)

3. FACT to GPS Cable Assembly, T1-00158D

4. FACT Power Cable Assembly, P1-00044-001D



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