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> Ruggedized Modular Operations Solution (RMOS)


We have been providing shelter solutions to the US Government for years containerized, rugged, and mobile.  We offer housing, office, maintenance, and storage facilities, engineered for harsh environments often encountered at remote sites.  Our Ruggedized Modular Operations Solutions (RMOS) are specifically engineered to easily handle a wide variety of climates, and the harsh realities of deployment world-wide.


Click here for a video presentation of our RMOS program.


RMOS units are constructed from ISO shipping containers which means they were built for arduous long distance shipping.  We added to the mix mostly metal interiors that are resistant to fire, deterioration and infestation.  That means easier inspections by port authorities when sending these units outside of the United States.


Our office model comes loaded with a satellite communications and a VOIP telephone system!  If you deploy one of these nice units your personnel will find just about everything they need to conduct business, including a printer and typical office supplies.


The 4 to 6 bed sleeper unit is designed for privacy and also comes with lighting, desks and lockers, and an all-season HVAC system.  There are mattresses in the bunks, along with bedding.


The maintenance RMOS comes with shelves and drawers to organize and protect your expensive tools and equipment on the job.  Speaking of tools and equipment, we can completely outfit your RMOS with any gear that you might need for your project!


The Storage Unit comes with set of shelves and plenty of space to stock parts or building materials.  We also have a version we call a Bulk Storage Unit and it comes without the shelves for increased bulk storage.



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