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> Lightweight Soldier Gateway (LWSG)


The LWSG is a cell phone sized device that is specifically

designed as an accessory to the ubiquitous PRC-117G voice and data radio original product down to the size of a large shoe box. it’s designed for complete application solutions without stationary requirements. found in today’s operational units. Its small size, low weight  and ruggedness, along with the very low power consumption are designed  to add almost no extra load to the dismounted soldier while providing  a sophisticated cross banding solution to tactical communications.  The LWSG’s powerful Atom based processor, running and ingenious  Linux based software package, goes beyond simple package routing and actually analyzes the messages crossing the network allowing precise control of what messages travel between the Platoon and Company networks with unparalleled security. By only routing messages that fit a precise predefined criteria, the LWSG makes it impossible for rogue messages or unauthorized users to  Access secure networks. The LWSG also provides flexible Quality of Service capabilities that allow the unit S-6 to determine what messages will pass across networks while keeping unnecessary traffic from  clogging the spectrum.  The LWSG physically attaches to the PRC-117G radio and a handheld data radio  (PRC-154 Rifleman Radio, the PRC-152/a or the RT-1922 EPLRS radio)  and manages messages across the platoon  handheld network and the company PRC-117G based data network. This allows the platoon handheld radios to transparently transfer data from the platoon network to the company network, far increasing the operational range of hand held radios, regardless of the RF waveform. All of this while requiring about the same size, weight and power of a cell phone.


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