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> Light Weight Situational Awareness Recording System (LWSARS)


The new LW SARS is lightweight, content rich situational awareness recording system. Providing for complete surveillance and on-board same content digital recording while allowing for live feed common operational picture (COP), video capture, video motion tracking, motion detection and intelligent video and screen analysis. The new LW SARS is cutting edge technology with more power and a smaller size. This new version has no interconnection harnesses, is quieter and more power efficient. You can easily transport this unit and use fewer per-sonnel to carry it. The power receptacles as well as the network switch are integrated into the case assembly providing superior protection of wiring and connections. This new LW SARS is based on a modular design which allows easy expansion. Need 8 channels? You can select a single case. Need 16 channels? Simply hook one Cat5 to a second box and you have a 16 channel video array and recording system without all the mess of interconnecting harnesses. Do you need 24 Channels or more? No problem, the SARS is fully expandable, almost without limit.


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