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The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a power branching device housed in a rugged metal enclosure. It has a hinged front cover, booted breakers and a recessed, weather resistant, tie-post design that allows easy distribution for multiple devices while retaining an important level of personal and equipment safety.



The PDU has a sturdy A-frame style base that includes heavy duty, fold down lifting handles, located on each end.  It is uniquely designed for easy access to all internal components and wiring.  The PDU is configured to accept power from a 60KW Generator or any  commercial power source.  It comes with a durable 50 foot input cable that is fully capable of supplying up to 250 Amps (PDU’s maximum rating).


The PDU has four output power branches: two 200 Amp branches, one 100 Amp branch and one 80 Amp branch. Each branch has a row of tie-post terminals, similar to those used on generators, allowing connection of several devices at one time. Each tie-post is capable of accepting wire sizes from 6 AWG to 2/0 AWG. The PDU is designed by default to work on 120VAC but it can easily be built for 208VAC applications. It is compatible to either 50 or 60 Hz, allowing for world wide use. Archiving



⦁ Generator Style Posts

⦁ Rugged Case Design

⦁ Built-in Lifting Handles

⦁ Water/Moisture Resistant

⦁ Covered Front Panel

⦁ Covered Buss Access

⦁ Standard AC Outlets

⦁ 50 Foot Input Cable

⦁ Conformal Coated Buss

⦁ 120VAC input

⦁ 250 Amps throughput (max.)

⦁ 120VAC Output

⦁ 200, 100 & 80 Amp Taps

⦁ 50 or 60 Hz


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